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Best Window Styles for Minimalistic Houses

Outside minimalist house with windows

Choosing new windows for your home isn’t always as easy as it seems. After all, you’ve probably spent years deciding how you want your home to look, and adding or changing the windows on a house can drastically alter the appearance.

If you’re someone who prefers minimalism and has designed their home to be minimalistic, then choosing a window style might seem a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ll take a look at some of the best window styles for a minimalistic house, so that you know where to look and can make an informed decision.

Best window styles for a minimalist look

Casement Windows

Being one of the most popular window styles on the market, casement windows are often a safe bet for any type of property.

Aluminium Casement Window on a house

But when it comes to creating a minimalistic style, casement windows are the go-to choice.

Their clear sightlines and modern design enable them to blend into the rest of the home.

And when it comes to colour, as with most uPVC windows, the casement window can be customised to match the rest of your home’s aesthetics, so you can choose from white, Anthracite grey, or a wide range of other colours to complement your home.

Aluminium Windows

If you live in a modern, yet minimalist home, aluminium windows can be a great addition. With their modern look and premium feel, aluminium windows play their part in making your home stand out.

At the same time, aluminium windows can offer thinner frames and clear sightlines, making them the perfect choice for looking outside from in and providing more of a view.

Upgrade your home whilst maintaining a minimalistic feel

If you’re located in Cheltenham or Gloucestershire, Indeluxe can help with upgrading the windows in your home whilst maintaining a minimalistic style. Our team have years of experience in understanding the individual needs of each home and recommending the most suitable products.Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

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