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Should you replace all of your windows at the same time?

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It happens. Sometimes your windows break and you wonder whether it is worth replacing all of the windows instead of repairing just the damaged window.

To help you determine whether you really need to replace all of your windows or just a few of them, we’ll discuss what you need to consider when finalising your decision.

Do you need new windows?

If you currently have single glazed windows throughout your property, then it is a good idea to consider upgrading them to double glazed windows instead. Single glazed windows are poor at retaining the heat in your home and can cause uncomfortable draughts during the winter. This could lead you to use more energy as you try to warm up your home.

Upgrading to double glazed windows can help you retain heat in your home due to the layer of argon gas. It is also great at reducing external noise which can help you sleep more peacefully at night.

Does style matter?

If you have had your current windows for more than 10 years then finding your current windows in their current style may be hard.

Since style and tastes are constantly changing, if you had your windows fitted more than 10 years ago, it’s possible that the same style window is no longer being produced. Though you may be able to find similar styles that may complement the look of the house such as french casement windows for traditional properties.

This may not matter if you are not worried about mismatched windows but if you need to replace all of your windows in one go start with the back of the house first rather than the front of the house.

As mentioned above, if you have had your windows for a long period of time then you be may be losing out on savings by not upgrading to double glazed windows.

Getting replacement windows

After you have decided that you would like to get a set of replacement windows, get an accurate quote. You can do this in under 5 minutes using our online window quote tool.

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