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Key Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

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Double Glazing is a fantastic investment for your home. It can help reduce heating costs, helps to reduce external noise and it gives your home a stylish and eye-catching finish. uPVC double glazing is also durable and, if installed correctly and well-maintained, can keep your home looking fresh for years. But nothing lasts forever and the signs that your double-glazing needs replacing are not always obvious.

Here are some of the warning signs that it’s time to look at replacing your existing double glazing.

Condensation between the glass

Condensation occurs when heated air meets a cold surface, for instance cool glass. If the condensation is appearing inside the double glazing unit, this means there is a leak in the unit causing the water vapour to enter the cavity. This is a key symptom that it is time to replace the unit immediately.

Water leaks

If water is entering between the unit and the frame, it means the seal has been compromised. If you have had your windows for a number of years, we would recommend replacing the unit, otherwise, if your windows are still in warranty, this fault can usually be repaired.


Another sign that the seal has failed is if you can feel draughts around the window frame. You may not always be able to feel the draught as your central heating will compensate for any drop in temperature but you can check by holding your hands around the frame.

Increase in heating costs

If you have noticed a spike in your heating costs, this could be another indicator that it’s time to replace your windows. Over time, the sealant will fail, causing draughts and leading to your central heating having to work harder to keep your house warm. New, energy efficient windows, can lead to a dramatic reduction in your heating costs.
If you think it’s time to replace your windows, head over to our windows page to take a look at the range of styles we have on offer. You can also request your quotation.  

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