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How to recycle old windows

Old window on house

Installing new double glazed windows is a fantastic way to reduce your impact on the environment. Not only do they keep your home warm and cosy and reduce your heating bills, but they also increase your energy efficiency, thereby lowering your carbon footprint.

However, if you really want to limit your environmental impact, it’s important that you dispose of your old windows correctly by recycling or repurposing them. 

Recyclable materials 

The good news is that most materials in modern windows are recyclable.

However, while the uPVC is widely and easily recycled, special consideration must be given to the glass, as different glass has a different chemical composition and therefore melting point.

Remove the units by unscrewing the hinges – you may also need to carefully saw through any uprights – and then remove the glass from the frames using a hammer and chisel. Once you’ve separated out the materials, you then need to take them to a building materials reuse centre.

Contact your local council to find your nearest and check which materials they will accept. 

If the windows you are removing date back to the 70s or earlier, there’s a chance they may contain lead paint. This means they’ll need special consideration when disposing of them as certain regulations have to be met. Check with the council for correct disposal of these windows. 

Repurpose and Upcycle

Your old windows can actually be used to good effect elsewhere in your home, providing you can remove them without damaging the frames or the glass. Some suggested uses for your old frames include: 

  • As a cold frame in the garden for growing fruit and vegetables 
  • As a picture frame
  • As a display case or cabinet

Use your imagination, speak to creative friends or take a look at Pinterest for other ways to reuse your old windows. 

As well as offering significantly increased energy efficiency in your home compared with traditional windows, uPVC frames are manufactured using sustainable processes and from widely recycled materials. This makes them the clear choice for those conscious about their impact on the environment.

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