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How to choose a window style for your home

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Double glazing is a fantastic home improvement and well worth the investment as it can help reduce your heating bills as well as give your home a stylish and attractive finish. And no longer are you restricted to plain white frames. Thanks to advancements in technology, there is now a whole range of styles available, including the design of the frames and the finish effect. And with so many styles to choose from, how do you go about choosing the right style of windows for your home?

Here are some of the things you may want to think about when seeking new windows.

Frame material

You don’t just have uPVC to choose from. You can also choose from aluminium or timber frames. Each material has its own set of unique benefits for your home. Timber frames, for instance, offer a finish which you may find more appealing, but take a great deal more care than uPVC or aluminium frames. If you like the idea of timber frames, but prefer a low-maintenance option, uPVC frames are often available with a wood finish, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Aluminium frames, on the other hand, can offer a more modern look and feel to your home. Consider all three options before making your decision.

Window style

There are a wide range of window styles available to suit your home and you need to make sure the finish reflects the aesthetic of your home. For an older cottage style home, you may wish to consider timber windows or a timber effect finish. Similarly, window units are available with french window style inserts that create a classic feel, without the inconvenience of individual window panes.

The window opening is also a contributing factor. A traditional casement style window is the preferred choice for many homes, but if space is an issue, consider tilt and turn style windows as these will allow you to ventilate your home, without needing to open the window fully.

Bay windows 

Bay windows can add a real touch of class to a home and create the illusion of space within. They maximise the light entering the home by increasing the number of panes available without compromising on the security of your home.

Obscured and decorative glass 

If privacy is a concern, for instance in an overlooked room, obscured glass will allow the light into your home but keep you safe from prying eyes. Alternatively, decorative glass can achieve the same outcome but with a much more stylish finish, creating light and colour within your home.

Other homes in the area

When choosing your window style, it’s important that you consider not just your own home, but others around you to ensure your home meets the overall appearance of the surrounding neighbourhood. The wrong style of window on your home can make it stand out for all the wrong reasons.

At indeluxe, we offer a wide range of window styles to suit any home. Bearing in mind the guidance above, take a look at our windows today and start thinking about how we can help give your home that fresh new look you’ve been dreaming of.

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