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3 Ways to Make Your Front Door Stand Out

The front door is the first thing your guests see. It sets the tone for what happens inside. A beautiful, welcoming entry can set a positive mood and provide a good impression of you and your home. The majority of homeowners have a bland entry way that could use some sprucing up. It’s time to give your home’s front door some personality in three simple ways.

Add decorative glazing

You’ve just purchased your new home and you can’t help but notice that your front door is an eye sore? If it’s plain white with a boring glass panel on it, why not jazz it up by adding decorative glazing? There are a lot of options here from stained to bevelled glass so you are sure to find the best one for your home!

Paint it 

Painting is probably one of the quickest and cheapest ways to add a touch of style to an old and unappealing door. Go bold with the colour to make a statement and make your door stand out in the neighbourhood! Bright yellow, blue or pastel green? One you’ve decided on the colour, the first step of painting your door is to remove the hardware. If you’re lucky, you can take off all the pieces on one side with a screwdriver and hammer. Otherwise, use a power drill to unscrew any screws that are holding it in place. Take care not to strip them or break them if using a manual tool!

Add decorative hardware

Do you want to upgrade your front door but don’t know where to start? There are many different things you can do when updating your entrance, including installing a decorative knocker and letterbox. You may be surprised by how much of an impact these small changes can have on the overall look of your home. Browse through a selection of various options and choose the one that will make your door stand out!

Try one of these ideas to make your front door instantly more inviting!

These are just some ideas you could incorporate into projects at home. If you need help deciding what is right for your space, we’re happy to chat with you about how our team can help! Contact us today for a free consultation on upgrading the look of your front entrance!

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