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French Doors vs Bi-Fold Doors – Which Ones To Choose For Your Home?

Natural wood effect Aluminium Bi-fold Door

French door or a bi-fold door? This may be the dilemma you find yourself in right now and you wouldn’t be the only one. 

Deciding between a French door or a bi-fold door is a common decision that homeowners struggle to make. 

Whilst both types of doors are great choices, there are some key differences between them that you should consider in order to make the right choice for your home. 

So what is the difference between these two styles of door? 

Starting with bi-fold doors, a bi-fold door is made up of multiple glass panels and frames that slide open across a tracking system along the floor or roof and cleverly stack away against themselves – meaning that an entire wall is able to be opened up.

On the other hand, French doors are made up of two glass panels and open on hinges  in the same way as a conventional exterior or interior opens. However, they are much larger than your standard entrance or interior door. 

Now we understand the main difference between a French door and a bi-fold door, let’s compare the two. 

Benefits of a bi-fold door:

  1. A fully open living space 

One aspect of bi-fold doors which makes them so popular is the way in which they embrace fully open living. This is because of the unique way in which a bi-fold door opens and folds away,  you are essentially able to completely open up an entire wall. 

  1. Natural light 

When it comes to maximising the amount of light that enters a living space, there is no real better choice than a bi-fold door as by completely opening a wall space, natural light is able to flood in creating a greater sense of space and a brighter living environment. 

  1. Security 

For any homeowner, the security of their home is always of high priority. Thanks to multi-locking points and high security hinges, with a bi-fold door you can rest assured that the back of your home is well-protected as they are considerably more secure than other glass doors which tend to just have one locking point. 

Benefits of French doors: 

  1. Functionality

One real draw of French doors is that they are extremely functional and provide an additional spacious access point to your home. This is perfect for when you have to move large furniture through your home and also for parties and gatherings. When it comes to it, you will thank yourself that you chose to install French doors. 

  1. Aesthetics 

It is undeniable that French doors make a stunning addition to any home and thanks to the range of materials available and how customisable modern French doors are, it has never been easier to find the right design for your home.

  1. Adds value to your home 

It may come as a surprise but by investing in French doors for your home you can in fact raise the value of your property whilst making your home more appealing to potential buyers. This makes installing French doors a worthwhile investment if you ever choose to move on. 

Which should you choose? 

In terms of deciding on which is best for your home, French doors or a bi-fold door, there are factors that you should consider first. 

For example, one aspect to consider is cost.  If you’re on a tighter budget but don’t want to compromise on aesthetics then French doors may be the best option as bi-fold doors usually tend to be more expensive.

However, in terms of space, a bi-fold door, once opened, doesn’t have any protruding doors that take up space within a room – unlike French doors. So if space is valuable in your home you might be better off choosing a bi-fold door. 

As far as aesthetics are concerned, both bi-fold doors and French doors inevitably enhance the look of a property but if you are looking for a more traditional and classic appearance then French doors are arguably more favourable. 

Regardless of which you choose to go for, it is always important to choose a trusted installer to carry out the installation for the best results. 

At Indeluxe Windows, we believe that there is no substitute for quality, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that any products that we install have been manufactured to the highest standards so that you are never left disappointed. For over 25 years, we have been making a name for ourselves as established home improvement specialists so you know when you choose Indeluxe Windows, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands. 

If you’re looking to install either a bi-fold door or French doors but are still undecided which is best for your home, get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to offer you their assistance. 

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