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How Double Glazed Windows Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home

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Double glazing is manufactured using two layers of glass with a cavity between the two. The cavity is filled with either air or gas and it serves to soundproof your home, as well as prevent heat from escaping. But how effective is double glazing at preventing heat loss? And how does it work?

Improved insulation

The air or gas inside the double glazing unit acts as an insulator. Although this doesn’t stop the heat from escaping completely, it significantly reduces the amount of heat lost through the windows.

In addition, because the air gap is narrow, the air has less room to circulate around the unit, meaning there is also less heat lost through convection. Efficient double glazing can account for as much as a 54%-64% reduction in heat lost from the home.

Reflective E-Coating

As well as the improved insulation properties of the double-glazing, some windows are available with a reflective e-coating film on the inside of the glass. This has the added benefit that it reflects the heat back into the room. Traditional glass is a conductor of heat, meaning it will quickly transfer heat to the cooler air on the outside. With an e-coating, the glass does not conduct the heat as well and keeps the inside of your home warmer as a result.

Temperature control.

The insulation properties of double glazing work both ways, meaning as well as a warm house in the winter, you can also enjoy a cooler home in the summer. Heat transfer from the warm air outside is reduced dramatically by the insulating layer of air or gas inside the window unit, meaning you can enjoy more effective temperature control in your home.

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