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Double Doors and French Doors: What’s the Difference?

French Door

Patio doors open up your home to the outside and create the perfect bridge between your house and garden.

In the summer, they can be opened up to create a larger space in which to entertain and in the winter, they allow more light and solar heat into your home, helping with the heating bills. 

If you’re in the market for new doors, you may have heard a few terms thrown around; two of the most common are Double Doors and French Doors.

But what are the differences and benefits of each? 

Double Doors 

The term ‘double doors’ refers to any doors with two independently opening leaves.

This actually includes French doors but there are some distinctions specific to French doors which we’ll come to in a moment. 

Double doors allow you to double your opening capacity, which means you can move more easily indoors to outdoors. These can be uPVC, aluminium or timber and are available in a wide range of styles and finishes from Indeluxe.

French Doors 

French doors are typically smaller double doors and create a more traditional feel to your property.

They are ideal for properties with smaller courtyards or patios, helping you to create more space both inside and outside your home.

When entertaining, both doors can be opened wide to open out the room to the garden create more space for guests to socialise. 

Whether you’re looking for traditional style French doors, large double doors or something else for your property, at Indeluxe we have a range of door styles to suit any home in the Cheltenham or Gloucestershire area – just get in touch.

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