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Buying a Front Door: Everything You Need to Know

Composite door

Your front door is the gateway to your home. It’s the first thing people see and so it’s important that it makes the right statement.

It’s a great way to add a personal touch and give your home a look that is unique to you.

But as much as you want your front door to be welcoming, it also needs to deter unwanted intruders, so security is as much a consideration as style.

Luckily, with so many styles available from Indeluxe, there’s no need to compromise on either.

If you’re in the market for a new front door in Cheltenham or Gloucestershire, here’s our guide to what’s available and what to consider when making your choice. 


The first consideration is which material you want to go for. There are several available, each offering their own benefits in terms of appearance, cost and security. 


The first, and arguably most obvious choice, is uPVC, particularly if you already have uPVC window frames as this will ensure the styles match. uPVC doors are also generally more cost effective than other materials, but still offer robust security and durability. uPVC doors are also simple to maintain, requiring little more than a regular wash with warm, soapy water to keep them looking fresh. 

uPVC also offers a wide range of customisation options, with different colour finishes and stained glass styles available to give you a unique look for your property. 


If you’re looking for a classic finish to your front door, a timber door could be the way to go. Available in a range of styles and finishes, timber doors can be used to complete a rustic look. The downside to timber is that it requires more frequent maintenance and painting to protect it from the elements. 

Composite doors 

Composite doors are a fantastic alternative to both uPVC and timber. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, composite doors can be used to finish off whatever look you’re going for in your home, whether you want a traditional, timber style finish, or a more modern look, there’s a composite door to suit.

Like uPVC, composite doors are also easy to maintain, requiring little more than a regular wash with warm, soapy water. However, composite doors can be more costly than uPVC so that should be a factor when making your decision. 


When choosing your new front door, it is vital that you consider the security benefits of your chosen style. Secured By Design (SBD) is the official UK Police initiative supporting the initiative of designing out crime.

Doors carrying the SBD accreditation can be bought with peace of mind that they offer the highest standard of security for your home. You should also look for PAS24 accreditation as the accepted standard for door and window security. 

At Indeluxe, we offer a broad selection of front doors to suit every home and budget. Get in touch to discuss your requirements further, or click here to obtain your free quote. 

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