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Tips for Buying Liniar Bifold Doors

Bi Fold Door

Bifold doors allow more light into your home as well as providing a more airy and open space when fully open. Consequently, bifold doors are becoming ever more popular as an alternative to traditional French style patio doors. However, as with any home improvement, there are a number of considerations when purchasing bi-fold doors.

Reliable operation

To maintain proper operation, bifold doors have a lot of moving parts. Failure of any one of these parts will lead to ineffective operation and render the doors obsolete. Be sure to choose doors from a reliable manufacturer, like Liniar, so you can be sure of effective operation for years to come.

Vertical and lateral adjustment

Although bifold doors are individually manufactured, every home is different. Lateral and vertical adjustment ensures the bifold door can be adjusted appropriately to cover any gaps. This leads to greater energy efficiency and more effective operation of the door.

Thermal Values

To ensure energy efficiency is maintained, you need to purchase bifold doors that offer the highest thermal value available. Liniar bifold doors, supplied by Indeluxe are among the highest energy rated bifold doors available on the market.

Multiple seals

Bifold doors have multiple joints and therefore multiple opportunities for the warmth to escape as well as the elements to get into your home. Aside from the energy efficiency considerations, this also can create irritating rattling and whistling during inclement weather. Seals around the joints help to keep the elements at bay while providing better acoustic performance.

Choose a reliable installer

Just with any home improvement, it’s important to choose a reliable installer, like Indeluxe. We specialise in the installation of Liniar windows and doors, including bi-fold doors. Take a look at our bifold doors page to find out more about the range of products available and our expert installation services.

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