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How to clean your uPVC Windows

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Dirty windows can have a seriously negative impact on the aesthetics of your home. Aside from making the house look unclean from the outside, it can also spoil your view. And even if you’re not looking through the windows, it has the effect of making everything just feel a little bit unclean.

Trouble is, however hard you try, it’s difficult to clean your windows without leaving it looking smeary and with large missed spots that only seem to show up when you’re not cleaning the window. Luckily, with our handy guide, you can have your uPVC windows looking spotless and keep your home looking fresh and welcoming. 

1. Avoid sunny days 

You’ll find the task much easier if you avoid sunny days. This might seem counter-intuitive as you want to see how your windows will look in the bright sunshine, but the sunlight will dry the water onto the window and leave it looking streaky when you’ve finished. It’s best to choose a cloudy but dry day to get the best results. 

2. Remove dirt and dust 

Dirt and dust can easily be picked up by your cloth and dragged around the window as you clean, making them look worse than before you started. Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to brush the dirt away from the window frames. 

3. Use the right equipment 

There are plenty of miracle solutions available on the market, but if you don’t use the right kit in the first place, it will be a waste of time and money. In truth, the equipment you need is very simple – a bucket filled with warm, soapy water, a squeegee mop and some window cleaning blades and a micro-fibre cloth or leather chamois. 

4. Be sparing with the water 

Place your squeegee in the bucket and fill it with water, then, before you place the squeegee on the window, wring out the water by running it through your hand. Too much water in the mop and it will run down the window, onto the frame, creating dirty streaks; too little and you won’t clean enough of the dirt from the window. You should be able to soap an entire window frame with one squeegee load of water. 

5. Apply the water to the window 

Starting from the top and working across, apply the soapy water to the window. The squeegee will ensure the water lathers, just make sure you go right up to the corners of the window. 

6. Blade the water off using rubber blades 

You will almost certainly have seen window cleaners performing ninja-like actions with their cleaning blades, cleaning off all of the water with a single, fluid motion. In order to do this, you need to start at the top left hand corner (or right if you’re left handed) and slowly but smoothly wipe to the right hand corner, then double back on yourself in an ‘S’ motion, ensuring you always have the blade angled above the water you are wiping away so that you are always wiping it downwards. 

This method does prevent streaks from appearing but also takes a little practise. As an alternative, you can just drag the water downwards in rows, being sure to overlap (like mowing the grass). When you’ve dragged all of the water down from the window, you can wipe away the streaks using a dry cloth. 

7. Dry the edges 

Using a dry cloth, wipe around the edges of the window frame to remove any suds which may then drip down your window the second you walk away. Use your finger in the cloth to be sure you get right into the edge and keep the cloth away from the rest of the window to ensure you don’t create smudges. 

8. Wipe the window sills 

This is particularly important with upstairs windows as the water will drip down onto the windows below. Use a dry microfibre cloth or chamois to wipe away excess moisture; this will also clean the sills at the same time. If your window sills are too dirty, they can also be cleaned using the same soapy water used on the windows. Just be sure to avoid getting any water on the windows or you’ll end up doing the whole job again. 

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